About Us

Comlink Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 firstly aiming to help customers update their PBX systems from conventional DTME dialing system to PULSE dialing system.

In 1985 at Comlink we experience a vital change when Chairman Wu is alertly inspired by the very first EKTS (Electronic Key Telephone Service) system imported from US, in the office of one of our customers. Seeing the EKTS he foresees a new era - the rise of EKTS and rapid fadeout of the human operation by mechanical dialing; and leads his R&D team to dedicate on micro-processor dialing system. Before long, in 3 and a half years, Comlink pioneers in Taiwan domestic market by offering novel EKTS system - 2-pair line EKTS systems - developed by in-house R&D, with capacities ranging from EKT-306 (for 3 external lines and 6 extensions) to EKT-1248 (for 12 external lines and 48 extensions). The sales is a killing thanks to the good timing during which Comlink is the only EKTS manufacturer in contrast to the numerous makers keeping struggling over conventional mechanical dialing systems as main stream products.

Ever since 2000 Taiwan sees increasing offshore migration of business and industrial facilities and rapid shrinkage in the domestic market of PBX system sector; and no any small business in Taiwan   immunes from such an impact. Fortunate enough Chairman Wu happens to look for the next star products for Comlink beforehand. As a Radio Control model jetfighter lover Chairman Wu finds more time to fly his model aircraft and needs a 300m runway for the model jetfighters, and hence drives a long way to Ilan South Airport located east in Taiwan quite often. One summer day in 2009 he comes across a scene that makes him inspired - the scene by the roadside on his way to the airport for flying the model jets, heavy smoke and sharp noise emitted from gas leaf blowers. "Why not using a brushless DC motor instead of gas engine?" The idea comes up almost instantly to his instinct.

Nowadays a BLDC motor can outperform an engine, evidenced with the fact that some Radio Control jetfighters, as a result many model jetfighters fly on BLDC motor instead of methanol fuel engine. Furthermore, the fact implies possibilities of replacing gas engines with BLDC motors in various industrial applications.

With the ambition on the possibilities, Chairman Wu leads the in-house R&D team to dedicate on developing the novel BLDC motors, control system, battery systems and charger system targeting the gardening tools market. It is not until three and a half years later, the total dedication and endeavor finally brings ideas into reality. Tada! A series of novel products such as cordless BLDC leaf blower, BLDC grass trimmer, BLDC Hedger, BLDC Chain Saw are ready for better tomorrow. They share the common advantage of the novel BLDC motor presented to you by Comlink. 
Comlink BLDC motor power system features "dainty, light-weighted, powerful, efficient" as edges beating engines in gas trimmers.


At Comlink we are committed to striving for the best in making Taiwan and our mother earth a better place to live bypromoting use of green energy - clean and free from pollution.